When a molecular biologist discovers a miraculous vaccine, the pharmaceutical industry is eager to get hold of it, but when he refuses to reveal the elements of his formula, all hell breaks loose . . . Vincent, an idealistic, unassuming research scientist, together with his bright assistant, Dorothy, discover a vaccine that when injected into the human body heals any wounded organ. He tests the vaccine for the first time on a teenager, Lucas, Dorothy's son, after a terrible car accident, and Lucas begins to recover. Lucas is a star basketball player who just graduated high school and who earned a scholarship at Yale University.

Vincent's rival, Kushner, the materialistic and greedy director of a pharmaceutical company, kidnaps Lucas in a desperate attempt to find the components of the vaccine and produce it.

Vincent and Dorothy at once accuse Kushner of the kidnapping because of the rivalry that exists between them. Unfortunately for them, the kidnapping was executed in such a cunning way that they cannot prove their suspicions to the police. On the contrary, the police suspects Vincent of experimenting with the vaccine and causing Lucas's death. It falls upon Vincent's and Dorothy's shoulders to prove their innocence, and to find Lucas before Kushner kills him after he is done with his experiments. As they try to channel through a labyrinth of planted evidence, Vincent and Dorothy come across, among other things, a fake death certificate and Lucas's lookalike dead body. The plot is teeming with twists and turns, a gripping series of events and an emotional outpouring of grief and courage from a mother who struggles against a well-organized criminal conspiracy to save her son. The undertaking gives Vincent and Dorothy an opportunity to articulate their true feelings toward each other, which lay dormant in their hearts since her husband's untimely death.

--Gary Erakleous

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