Children's Stories

Children's Stories is a compilation of seven stories written for the younger generation, which depicts the lives of people or animals in a way that the spiritual element or moral is made relevant.

“Little White Elk” tells of a young boy seeing the world as it was. After his journey in becoming a man, he observes the world changing to what it is today.

“Omer” is an account of an abandoned dog's journey in finding a new home and, more importantly, finding love.

“A Cow Speaks” tells of a spectacular event that occurs in a cow's rather boring life.

“Zip” tells a beautiful event in a special lamb's life journey.

“The Cocoon” describes the feelings, birth, and development of a butterfly.

“Otis, the Clown” describes feelings of depression and the change that evolves into a life of purpose and love.

“Hadar, the Lonely Donkey” is an account of a donkey who has been bullied by his peers. His journey teaches him that his life is of much worth after all.

Hopefully, each story will enlighten its readers to the way of the divine.

--Sharon Ohlms

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