Children of Adaban: Legacy: Book 1

Lying on the cold steel surface of the air ship, barely able to move, Ashton focuses on a strange figure looking down at him as he coughs.

“Who are you?” Ashton asks the strange figure.

“Who are we?” responds the man looking down at him. “My name is Lesant. To answer your real question, think of us as the light in the darkness, the calm in the storm. To some, we are known as ‘the Chosen.' To others, we are a means to an end. Talk about déjà vu. This brings back memories of a long-forgotten past. Where do I begin?”

Alissa taps Lesant on the shoulder. “Ahem, really? The beginning? There isn't time for this. We must get a move on. There's nothing more we can do here.”

Lesant carefully lifts Ashton as he fixes his gaze upon Alissa. “No, we have to tell them. They all deserve to know what they stand to lose and why we must do whatever it takes to ensure their survival. Ashton, what you are about to hear may be hard to believe, but you must know the truth. It all began a very long time ago . . .”


Everyone has a beginning, a defining moment where they either give into despair or become who they are destined to be. Discover Adaban, and journey into a new world. Suspend what you think you know and dare to believe something new.

--R.L. Myles

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