Child Upbringing: The Pivotal Role of Mothers in Various Cultures and Religions


Child upbringing is a world challenge. The ever-changing international interactions have made it a household subject. It needs concerted efforts to come up with loving, peaceful, and developed international communities. Parents, communities, religions, governments, and international organizations are duty-bound. Comparative steps being taken in different cultures, religions, and governments around the world are summarized. The role of mothers as building blocks for upbringing cherished children is emphasized. Bi Mugaya wa Nyang'ombe, mother of the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere of Tanzania is taken as an example. Some of the lessons from Nyerere's fifty quotes witness the importance of mothers in child upbringing. Liberation of Southern Africa and Tanzania's peace are related to the cherished upbringing role played by his mother. Child upbringing in the developed world is the duty of parents and the government. In Africa and Asia, extended families and communities are also involved. These involvements are not in literature. They appear in this book. In addition, teachers are urged to play parental roles. Nikolas Cruz of Florida, US, who killed fellow students, lacked love. Love of teachers to their students is emphasizes as an arsenal against school violence. This book is a must-read.

--Samuel Lugeiyamu Mutasa DipEd, Cert. R. S., BSc., MSc.

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