Checking the Widow Box

I wrote the book that would have been useful to me in my first year of widowhood, a handbook to guide you through the emotions and hurdles unique to losing a husband. Checking the Widow Box is my journey through the changes of cooking for one, the empty chair, the empty side of the bed, the empty birthday, the one whose picture will never again be in your photo albums.

I want this book to walk alongside you in the ache you think will never end, the changes you think you will never adjust to, checking the widow box you never wanted to be your identity, at least not yet. Checking the Widow Box will walk you through creating a new rhythm when you have lost a big part of your identity, making major decisions, firsts, asking for help, and dreaming again.

Checking the Widow Box does not leave you without hope. In your darkest place, God wants to shine His light. You can laugh and remember even in the pain when His comfort embraces your sorrow.

--Carol Longenecker

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