Changing Names: A Historical Novel

In any family tree are names that mean something or nothing to the present-day members of that family. For the Ellison family, there are names that have been the center of tales of family lore and some that mean nothing at all to them. One member of Mark Ellison's family decides to research the roots of the family and finds that the family name has changed time and again.

From Scotland to the New World, from the beautiful valley in West Virginia to the family farm in Ohio, a family history is viewed through the eyes of those who lived it. This is the story of only one branch of the family tree.

Love and loss, pain and joy, the tales of the Ellison family and their antecedents are told as they lived faithful in their love of God. Although this is a work of fiction, it is based on events that could have occurred. At least in the mind of the author.

--Joseph Johnson

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