CareGivinG According to God's Word

Today's world is lacking in CareGivinG. This book will share with you and help you realize the word of God has the power to give, reveal, and communicate and show you how it offers hope, encouragement, strength, and guidance. Through personal stories, experiences, and sharing of scripture, you will be guided back to the basics of caregiving—loving, sharing, and trusting God—to help you through.

Helping others through CareGivinG is one of the best ways to show love for the Lord. This book will explain how to experience God's love and put it into action as we open ourselves up to follow his example. He is here, through his Word and the Holy Spirit, to guide, protect, and comfort us all.

CareGivinG means glorifying God in all we say and do. God's greatest blessings are on your CareGivinG walk and always remember to “bloom where you are planted.”

--Diann Duby

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