Can I Have a Chuckle with that?

What the world needs more than anything else these days is a chuckle. The source of that chuckle may not be that important but the reality of that chuckle is.

For many years, James has written a newspaper column across the United States entitled “Out to Pastor.” His articles are filled with humorous snippets of banter with his wife, horseplay with his grandchildren, observations on today's politically correct culture as he mourns the good old days, and reflections on his own peculiar (so some would say) personality and preferences. Included is a verse from Scripture and a reflective thought at the end of each article.

This book is a collection of fifty-two “Out to Pastor” articles—one for each week of the year. James hopes you will enjoy them and maybe even laugh sidesplittingly on occasion as you read. Most of all, he hopes you will find a fresh joy and an uplifted heart in the reflections of this country pastor.

--James Snyder

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