Can a Burger Change a Man?

After fighting and overcoming many medical issues, including three spinal surgeries, Michael found himself fighting to learn how to walk again. During this period of his life, he made a promise to God to do something good for mankind in exchange for his ability to walk normally again. After selling his home for funding, Michael embarked on a life-changing 12,124-mile solo, unassisted bike ride around the United States to raise awareness of the veteran hunger problem., which exists in this country. He self-funded his journey with the money from selling his home, and he rode to raise money for a veteran's food pantry. At the age of sixty-seven, this ride was a difficult mission but one he promised to complete. Read how and what led up to this incredible epic ride. This true story will take you on a day-by-day journey with Michael as he tells in his own words how he fought to reach the four corners of the United States. Share in the hardships he encountered, the mishaps, the beauty, and the stories of people that showed up out of nowhere in his times of need. The people he came to know and will always remember as his angels!

--Michael Beattie

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