Called To Be A Witness

Called to Be a Witness is the answer to a prayer that Pamela prayed as she cried out from her heart to the Lord for new meaning and purpose in her life after the loss of her son in 2016. The Lord then directed her to write her life's story in a book, and He gave her this title. Pamela shares how God's grace is the “light” in her life that has kept her through her battles with the “darkness” which has attempted to overtake her through childhood abuse, fear, hatred, rebellion, rejection, betrayal, witchcraft, sickness, loss and heartbreak. The Lord opened the spirit realm to her and has guided her with dreams, visions and discernment as she has faced each challenge. Her desire is that her story will give hope and encouragement to others.

--Pamela F. Quinn with Hilda F. Thigpen

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