Call Me a Mother: A Christian Guide to Be the Best Single Mother You Can Be

Being a single mother is very difficult. It can present some great challenges as we raise our children alone. During these times, we find ourselves not living the life and being the mother God has called us to be, ultimately leaving society to define who we are by calling us every name except a mother. Therefore, it is time to change the perspective of those around us by allowing our actions to show that we are to be addressed as a mother. Not only today. Not only tomorrow. Forever. This book is a two-week study helping us build or repair our relationship with God, with our children, and even with the father of our children. It is not an easy journey to take, but God is waiting for you to take it so you may reap the blessings and rewards He has in store for you and your children. So let's get started!

--Danielle Ratliff

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