Bully Boot Camp: #Stomping Out the Noise

What's in name? Well, a lot if you're Faith whose first year of middle school is going to test just how much faith, courage, and determination she has. The halls of Alexandria Academy are going to bring some of the greatest tests, lessons, and experiences that will not only change Faith, but those around her.

Gabrielle Walker's “norm” was turned upside down when a sudden move transported her to Alexandria Academy as the new school counselor. Perfect job, but far from the world and home she loved and longed for. Initially not seeing how she can be of use in her new post, Mrs. Walker soon learns that she is definitely in the right place at the appointed time.

Once their paths cross, these two forces cause a ripple effect that impacts the students, faculty, and families connected by Alexandria Academy. A bully is a foe to us all, but there is a way to stomp out the noise.

-- T. Re'nee Nixon

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