Bugaloo in the Bayou

Dr. Trevor Knight has left the dry heat of the Arizona desert, only to find himself in the hot and humid dangerous swamps of the Louisiana bayou. Time to relax, to enjoy the sights and Cajun food, the music, and the laid-back mood. However, things have not worked out as he had hoped. Major Wilson of the Louisiana State Police is in need of his services, and Knight will soon meet Sheriff Thomas T. Thibodaux, law of the land in Assumption Parish.

Knight planned on a quiet trip, to see a place his friend Demaryius Dinkins had spoken to him about as they sat in the dark desert of Arizona. The little village being sucked into the ground. Salt caverns long ago formed in the prehistoric history of Louisiana. Home to things unspoken, until the careless drilling unleashes them upon the land. Certainly, the government knows nothing about all of this. Or do they?

Things are not as they seem; and the sudden disappearance of the local inhabitants, as well as the wildlife, thrusts Knight into the world of corrupt Southern justice, a voodoo priestess, and two very lively twin girls.

Get your dancing shoes on, Doctor, time to boogaloo in the bayou.

--Joseph R. Lange

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