Bringing Good News: Pointing to God's Rainbows

Where do sermons come from? The answer is as mysterious as the answer to the question Where do babies come from? Sermons are conceived, grow within us, and are delivered. Every preacher has felt the joy of delivering a great sermon and having it fall on the floor just in front of the pulpit! A similar experience is the embarrassment of preaching a half-baked sermon, terribly delivered, and a witness to our waste of time. Upon leaving the pulpit, we ask God to let us live one more week so that we do not go out on that one, only to have someone at the door say, “Thank you! You preached that sermon just for me.” This book is a series of reflections upon scripture that ask us to enter the mystery of preaching or teaching in the name of God.

The combination of our witness, testimony, and the exegesis of the scripture created by His Holy Spirit “the baby” one delivers to his or her people on a given Sunday. Bringing Good News is about this journey from a preacher's heart to the hearts of the people of God. Rainbows remind us of God's love. Can you see a rainbow somewhere? Point to it. They are found after every storm of life.

--Edwin Cooper

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