Bold Influence: Leaders Drive Outcomes

The objective to this book is to provide practical techniques to no longer just sit through situations as a passive victim, tolerating perpetual inaction. Be the one to set the tone for healthy collaboration and actively develop those peers that will be constructive partners to “help solve the ills of the enterprise,” by stepping out from behind the conference table and exhibit the boldness to influence your peers. This book provides a set of twenty-four-key takeaway insights, some of which are listed below, brought to life with a host of real-world business stories that provide tangible guidance on how to apply these concepts to make a bold difference in your sphere of influence, whether in business or in your personal life.

• Quality of character is prerequisite to earn the right to influence.

• Influence leaders get assigned to the “hairiest problems.”

• Influence leaders know when to stop talking and act.

• Influence leaders wear the risk of failure on behalf of their team.

• Influence leaders do not quit until they succeed.

--Kevin Peterson

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