Bo J

This book is about who I was after my father, a successful and prominent physician, took his life by hanging himself in the psych ward of the same hospital where he had walked the floors taking care of patients for years. I began this journey trying to find the meaning of life for me. I was forty-five at the time, and suddenly everything, I knew and believed in vanished, and my world became dark. In the process of this journey, I not only found new meaning, but a life that was meaningful!

Slowly, over time, I wrote my thoughts out to share with my children as I became aware that we each should try to shine a light on the path we are walking on so others can choose to follow or not. At least they won't stumble if they follow you. As you read and discover with me this meaning of life and meaningful life, you will find in the epilogue who I am today and why I chose to share this book with others.

--Reggie Tryon

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