Blue Company

It is 2036, and one-party dictatorships rule around the world, including in both America and Europe. In America, that party is called PAC, which they say stands for the Peace, Accommodation, and Culture Party. However, the reality is that PAC stands for “all Power at, the Center.” One truth, firmly enforced by PAC, rules us all, and it is maintained by a rigid reordering of society into favored groups and a Hush-Now ethic that forbids expressing ideas or words that are not approved by PAC.

The result has been the collapse of our nation and the foreign occupation of our major commerce centers. But the people, from sea to shining sea, are finally stepping up to the challenge and rallying to undo the ruin they have inherited.

The Blue Company, the fighting arm of the Whig Partisan Alliance, is now moving to challenge PAC' and our story is about Glenn Alleyne Stanton, a young man who leaves the tenured safety of student life to journey across a dangerous and very divided America to join in that battle.

But he doesn't travel alone. A former officer of the now disbanded Marine Corps is recruited to help him; and a giant of a man, a fellow student, is assigned to add some muscle power to the effort. They, in turn, discover that the alliance has arranged for seven Blue Company undercover agents, seven women (or gals) they come to call their angels, to always be there to meet and direct them along the way.

The hope and dream the Blue Company fights for is a return to the notion of one America, free and independent with all supporting all—and E pluribus unum.

--w l jennings

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