Big Ugly Confession: An NFL Wife and Concussion-Driven Domestic Violence

Big Ugly Confession: An NFL Wife and Concussion Driven Domestic Violence showcases a one-of-a kind verbal screenplay of the domestic violence and abuse she and other unnamed NFL players' partners experienced during life in the National Football League. The book is a documentary novel. Dr. Gray contends that the domestic violence discussed was purportedly brought on by repeated traumatic brain injury (TBI) that leads to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The condition was discovered in National Football League players, and most former deceased players brains that were tested were positively diagnosed. The author presents facts and documents a continued compelling solicitation effort for education.

The author wishes that all who read the case study accounts in the book will escape from the doom and gloom emotions associated with TBI driven domestic violence. My empowerment began with education and awareness. A new mindset is upon us. It is what it is, but negative reactions to stress and the elimination of a host of other problems can be avoided. Utilizing this frame of mind, the book intends to educate through the sharing of the horrendous personal experiences of this wife and her NFL player husband.

--Dr. Jacqueline W. Gray

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