Biblical Ancestry Voyage: Revealing Facts of Significant Black Characters

Biblical Ancestry Voyage reveals facts of significant black characters in the Holy Bible of several ethnic groups of humankind, especially people of color. Further, to dispel the false notion that the Holy Bible was written for Anglo-Saxon ethnic people. (This has been the status quo of the teaching almost worldwide as it relates to God's use of ethnic people listed in the Holy Bible.)

I pray that this writing will saturate the minds and hearts of both young and old of every ethnic group of the human race in respect to God's crown of His creation: mankind.

My spiritual gift of teaching, preaching, under-shepherding, symposium leader, and writing has been a labor of love for over sixty-two years designed for the extension of the kingdom of God. My goal is to accurately portray and exegete from an ancestry point of view, and biblical interpretation of the Bible's message pointing to biblical characters of color, no matter their skin pigmentation. This truth has been distorted for many years, causing millions of ethnic people to feel left out of the divine design of god Almighty.

The force of my biblical episcopate ministry is in the area of shaping the hopes and hurts, success and failures, joys and sorrows of the saints of my parish flock, as well as others.

I envision as a part of my divine commission to be an encouraging cheerleader for the affluent and the downtrodden throughout their life and a confidant for their triumphs. The righteous acts that we do for God give Him pleasure!

Until He comes, I am

Serving Christ joyfully,

Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard

--Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard

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