Berthella's Animal Sounds

Home is where a child develops a love of reading and coloring. Integrating reading, coloring, and sound will hopefully entertain, enlighten, and encourage an interest in reading where none exist and increase the number of books read by the child who has an interest in reading.

Berthella's Animal Sounds is the first for fun reading book in the INJ Collection of Berthella's Fun with Reading series.

Berthella's Animal Sounds is a coloring book designed to spark an interest in reading while having fun improving coloring and listening skills. It will carry a child on an adventure through reading, sounds, and coloring activities.

Coloring activities will help a child notice the abundance of beautiful colors bursting out all around them while drawing attention to the variety of animals found on a farm.

There is an expectation that every child will have fun reading, coloring, listening to, and learning sounds. Through the participation of parents in the reading and fun-focused activities, it is believed that they will see--with pride and joy--their influence in cultivating the skills of their child.

It is hoped that presenting reading in this manner will help to create a stimulating reading environment thereby resulting in increased comprehension.

--Bertha Jackson

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