Ben of Nigglewood

The title is about a homeless man, Ben Nigglewood, who is fed up with his predicament in the care facility. The care in this place leaves much to be desired. Along comes nurse Gretta Wollenzeider. Gretta is sympathetic to his cause and starts to take action. She arranges an interview with Mr. Dicton of the housing authorities to discuss plans to check the facility. As she mobilizes her plans, Ben dies. Gretta is angry and goes to heaven to see him. A heated discussion ensues between the two. Along the way, there are angels, Niggy, the demon, Ben's mother, and the truckers from Bacnauld's Bar. There is lots of action. Finally, Gretta and Ben's mother touch base with each other and make plans for improving the facility.

--Arlene S. Mighton

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