Ben and Hana: In Saving Noname

There is an old cat who has no name. For some odd reason, no one has ever given him one. He answers to the name of Noname though.

As a winter storm moves in, Noname tries to make his way to Bird Scratch Ranch. His plans on sitting out the storm warm, dry, and with a big bowl full of food are suddenly at risk as he finds himself surrounded by coyotes.

When the coyotes refuse to let him pass, his cries for help are heard at the nearby Bird Scratch Ranch. Ben and Hana race to help their friend with Rudy the peacock leading the way. Tigger, Misty, Kitty, and Luce follow close behind them.

As Ben and Hana try to reason with the coyotes, hoping to put an end to things before someone gets hurt, Rudy flies away unnoticed by them.

The coyotes refuse to leave as they continue to mock and bully the animals from Bird Scratch Ranch. More coyotes show up and Ben is worrying how he is going to protect his friends. Then Rudy suddenly returns with the help that is egg-actly what they need.

--Tami Johnson

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