Ben and Hana: Guardians of the Guineas

It is spring on the farm, and young Ben has a big job. It is to protect all the birds that live there. Luckily, his friends Hana and Tigger help him whenever they can. One day, after having rescued Mabel, the guinea hen's young keets, from a hungry fox, Ben is given a thank-you gift of eighteen guinea eggs for his gallant act of bravery from all the guinea hens.

Ben doesn't have a clue what to do with all these eggs. After all, he is only allowed to eat the eggs the humans cook for him. So he just thanks the guinea hens and calls for Hana to assist him in figuring out what to do with the eggs. Hana comes up with a plan. Though she doesn't have any idea of why, how long, or what the results will be, they decide to put her plan into action.

Over the next few weeks, between guarding the farm birds and running off on false cries for help from Rudy the peacock, who seems to think a bug getting away is an emergency, Ben takes his turn at taking care of the eggs to give Hana a much-needed break so she can get some exercise and hopefully he can sneak in a nap.

When the morning finally arrives, they find out the result of Hana's plan of what to do with the eggs. Ben cannot believe what his eyes are seeing as he howls for Hana to come quick. This is more than just another day on the farm.

--Tami Johnson

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