Beloved, Repent and Believe : Be Loved and Be Free

Friend, you are beloved, you are one who is loved! God desires for us to repent, to turn from our sin so that through Jesus Christ, our lives can be reformed. He wants us to believe, to be convinced that Jesus Christ is Lord and accept Him as the truth. I encourage you to seek Him until you find yourself lost in His love. Learn to fight the good fight with the whole armor of God on. Patiently endure through the fiercest of life's storms. Don't give up! Don't grow weary! Learn to be still and watch God move!

A true story of redemption, being born again and lives surrendered, learning to live out faith with love, grace, and forgiveness through the toughest of times believing and knowing that in due time, God would deliver!

--Tashina Atchley

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