Vodrey's lively, ambitious tale deftly takes a page from the antics of Star Wars, as protagonists Ben Logan and Tommy Thompson, traveling to a business conference in West Texas, come across a dimensional opening to another world. On the world of Belany, people live up to 800 years or so and do not age past around twenty-five. Belany is older than Earth and technologically more advanced. On Belany, 72 days will pass while only 1 day will pass on Earth. Ben will find how Belany has helped the Earth technologically over the years. Ben's improvements to the Belanian Air Force make a good impression on the planet as he prepares Belany and Earth to go to war with the planet of Karant.

Will the Belanian and Earth fighters be able to defeat the large Karantian fleet and prevent the Karantians from attacking Belany and Earth?

The book is filled with excitement for the men, war, power, action and romance for the ladies.

--Marven Vodrey

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