Becoming An Effective Preacher in a Cross-Cultural Setting

The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel according to Matthew calls for the church to recognize and accept the fact that doing ministry invariably involves and traverses many and various boundaries. The one called to lead any part of the church will surely be involved in preaching and teaching, as stated in the said commission. As Paul stated, “. . . Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” How can the one sent to serve the church serve the purpose of the call if one cannot successfully communicate with one's audience simply because of cultural differences? The need to be effective in a new and different cultural environment cannot be overemphasized. Listowel tells his story, outlining the journey in this cross-cultural ministry as an encouragement and guide for all in ministry, since the world has become a global village. Moreover, we never know where the call might take us.

--Listowel Ayensu-Mensah

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