Bebeaux and Pierre: The Adventure Begins Book One

Bebeaux and Pierre are best friends. Their friendship is special because only Bebeaux can see Pierre. He is Bebeaux's imaginary friend. The two of them will go on many adventures together, but this first one just might be the most exciting! Moving to a new home can be scary. Bebeaux is nervous because everything is different. Nothing looks or feels the same. However, his buddy, Pierre, is right there to listen and cheer Bebeaux up after a day of new beginnings. Why? Because that's what best friends do. I hope that this little story helps children realize that new things can be thrilling and fun. I hope that it encourages their imaginations to soar! I especially hope that when children hear this story, they will know that different isn't always scary. Just new.

--Beth Roper Stewart

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