Be Aware, Be Faithful or Be @ Risk

Awareness is critical in every situation. Success and failure are determined by the choices we make. The smartest among us possesses limited awareness of time, space, materiality and other people that affect those choices. We routinely miss the ripple effects that we send into the world as consequences of those choices.

Hidden in the background is God's plan for each life. He knows our thoughts, words, and deeds and their contributions to eternity. We are called to be faithful to His prescriptions for living, however, we often use our freedom to choose to muck things up, sometimes for generations. Nevertheless, God's Invisible Hand is always at work; His plan always produces good, especially for those who are faithful.

Generations of turning from God and basic economic principles of life have together created a moral and financial chaos which threatens the very existence of civilization as we have known it. Those who comprehend the seriousness of the escalating risks facing us on multiple fronts and who turn faithfully back to God for guidance, will be far better prepared to deal with the coming global implosion. Be one of them, starting now!

--Gordon Brown PhD.

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