BATTLE STRONG: Answering the Whys in Life with Why Not

Battle Strong discusses real lifetime problems and how you can handle them and you can even learn and grow from them. This book will challenge people to turn the many times we ask, “Why is this happening?” to “why not?” This is a story that has the family relationships and how each family member dealt with the problem of disability and how friendship can come and go. Furthermore, deceit happens, relationships form, love grows and most importantly, the family overcomes medical battles that defined all of the above! Deceit happens. Relationships form. Love grows and most importantly, overcoming medical battles that defined all of the above. In the process of completing this book, readers will learn to deal with major social issues that so many people deal with today such as the family dynamics of heredity with a disability, bullying, educational issues dealing with children with difficulties, and discrimination in the workplace. This book has a positive ending for all issues listed above and embeds sweet life examples of true love, true friendship, and how my faith saw me through medically rough times. Faith, family, and friends are the things that make life positive.

There are many situations in life that will challenge how you handle them and will determine what lessons you learn. This is the story where the author who is born with a Muscular Dystrophy and how her family dealt with it. Battle Strong is also the love story of Cindy and Bob. They decided to have a child which was the best decision of their life. Their son, Will, eventually was diagnosed with the same condition that Cindy had. She had a successful career and a wonderful life until recently in the past two years. There have been many medical trials and tribulations that have challenged her faith, family, and attitude. This is a happy story with some sad portions about how there are those who try to knock you off track. This book deals with how the obstacles may make you feel helpless but how you can pick up the pieces. I hope reading my story can inspire you to rise above whatever situation you feel is too big of an obstacle and understand that there are options that will help you find your smile, personality, and the life that made you special in the first place. Overcoming obstacles is an empowering feeling that can give you back the life you deserve. It also shows how God turns all of the challenges into blessings.

--Cindy Hiestand

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