Have you ever wondered what heaven is like? Do you believe what the Bible says? Are the streets really paved in gold? Are there many mansions there, and God has one just for you? Do we really know the answer? If you believe in the Bible, the answer is yes. But if you are a skeptic, you really don't know. I believe what the Bible says, and I let my imagination take it even further.

We can only imagine what heaven is like. You want to believe it is a beautiful place to live before and after death. My Bible states that God knew me before I was in my mother's womb. That says to me that I was a living being in heaven before I was ever born.

This book is about a child's many adventures that may have happened while living in heaven. Let your imagination take you to a place without boundaries. A place of peace, love, and the unexpected. A place where you defy the norms. A place of order, but unrestricted by gravity, by your senses, and by your imagination. Nothing to inhibit you from letting you dream the unimaginable.

Have you ever lassoed and ridden on the back of a giant butterfly? Have you ever played hide-and-seek with your guardian angel? In my vision of heaven, my granddaughter Arrianna has.

She is one of the littlest angels that enjoyed many adventures while living in heaven before she was born.

When Gabriel called her name, Arrianna knew she was about to be born. She was getting new parents. The excitement was too hard to contain. She loved living in heaven and wanted to remember everything and everyone.

She wanted to tell her new mother about her life in heaven's gardens. About her adventures that were so amazing. The only way she could share her life with her mother was through her mother's dreams, so she wrote her a letter.

--Manya McLoyd

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