Are You Ready? Understanding God's Final Chapter

Everyone can sense that something is going to happen sometime and somewhere.

We witness the events of our world around us and concerns flood our heart and mind. Most of what is happening is way beyond our control and that is what frightens us the most.

We know that we are out of control, or are we?

This book will give you hope and faith for your future. There is a way of escape. God truly loves you. God has a plan for your life. The message of the entire Bible will unfold for you within the first few chapters.

God proclaims that we can understand the book of Revelation, and He uses repetition to help us understand. Find out what is going to happen any time now and what will happen in the near future in Heaven and on Earth. The pages of this book will bring clarity to future events. You will understand what you must do to be ready.

You will be able to truly say, “I am ready!”

--Nate Grahl

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