An Unexpected Attraction: The First Book in the Mississippi River Trilogy

Tessa Palmer finds herself in a small town along the Mississippi River following the news of her father's recent death. Her father had moved to the little town after his wife had died several years earlier and had opened a camera shop, something he had always dreamed of. Tessa hopes to finalize her father's estate quickly and get back to her busy life in the city, where she is a photographer. Tessa becomes fast friends with a middle-aged woman who takes her under her wing and introduces her to her family and the life that she has in the Mississippi River town. The river town begins to charm Tessa with its beauty and weaves its way into her heart. She meets two totally different men who change all her original plans to leave quickly. After Tessa's father's camera shop is vandalized, she stumbles upon a discovery and doesn't realize the danger that is in store for her.

--Kristi Marson

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