An Emotional Journey: Humor and Hope Through Breast Cancer

An Emotional Journey Humor and Hope Through Breast Cancer is a cartoon book drawn with a unique humorous twist on an emotional journey of breast cancer patients. The chapters are broken into the stages a person undergoes: discovery of the cancer, surgery, radiation, chemo, and finally, the happier days after all treatments.

Heather did not back away from the silent emotions one goes through; it truly touches on many of the emotions of this journey in a distinctive way to assist that others will know they are not alone and understand there is hope.

This book has been reviewed by cancer survivors, mental health professionals, and clergy, and has been found to be supportive for those fighting for their lives. Regardless of where you or a loved one is along this individual journey; these cartoons will be inspiring and humorous.

Reading this gem of a book will make you laugh and sometimes cry—it's a cathartic experience for all.

—Irene K. Rickus, MS, LMHC

Hess leads us through Humor and Hope to the other banks of the ocean of pain and anxiety where one can sprout again with hope and peace from the rubbles of cancer.

—Father Sebastian Earthedath, MST, Pastor, Our Lady Queen of Peace.

When Heather called me after her breast cancer diagnosis, I was heartbroken. Our sorority of breast cancer fighters and survivors is exclusive, but not coveted. The attitude Heather had was positive, just like her attitude toward life. Her unique insight into life situations has been well-illustrated within her artwork for many years. I know her collection of comical viewpoints of the uncomfortable, quirky positions that cancer fighters and their caregivers face will bring many laughs, lighten the uneasiness of sensitive topics, and encourage hope for the future.

—Paula S. O'Neil, PhD, Author of Fighting Cancer like a Girl, Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller

--Heather Fiorentino

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