An Anthology of Short Stories and Moods in Prose

Leslie Beller Kovacs was born in New York City in 1910 just days after his parents arrived by ship from Hungary. When he was fourteen, they returned to Hungary where he remained until he was close to turning twenty-one. It was then he made the decision to return to the United States so he would not lose his citizenship.

The stories and poems in this book were written by him in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. To a young person of today reading, these might seem strange and otherworldly. But these were written from the experiences of a man who lived in that age. The poignancy of these writings is evident as they are read, and somehow, they carry the reader back to a time and place very different from ours. The writings—poetic and true—touch the reader with a sense of longing to know more.

--Lesley Templeton for her father Leslie B. Kovacs

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