America’s Instability:: A Look at the Present, the Past and a Precarious Future

America's Instability: the Present, the Past, and a Challenging Future is a description of the various wars between conflicting value systems throughout Western civilization. America's national election of 2016 is a graphic example of the cultural arguments embedded in our social history.

This study does not attempt to solve these complex problems but to clarify their impact on our lives. The opening chapters describe the current systems for evaluating social clashes. The next seven chapters discuss the series of clashes in Western civilization from the Epic of Gilgamesh, the first preserved book, to the cosmic shock of the twentieth century.

The next section discusses the two philosophical systems associated with our national crisis. Chapters twelve and thirteen discuss America's unique problems. The following five chapters focus on the violence in Syria as it is aided by Russia. This small nation might be the crisis point of America's place in history.

The final chapter offers an image to remind Americans that the United States is more than a geographical entity. We citizens are the United States, and therefore, we have a responsibility to address, disinterestedly, our current problems that rise from a global unrest.

--John Somer

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