America and the Entire World Need YOU to Know to Spread the Word

This fictionalized novel reveals disturbing earlier and recent true mainly American history, not the propagandized mainstream versions. The reader will be able to consult sources named in this book to judge for him or herself the validity of the information.

We are living in unprecedented times. Government, international and other big banks and corporations, and the ultra-wealthy elites behind it all have been affecting the quality of our lives without us even knowing that we do not know it. Likely most people have no idea of what is going on at “higher levels” of authority and power throughout the world, and aggressively in Europe and in America which is their last major obstacle, but which some claim is already “lost “.

We are in a very serious, ever greater freedom threatening situation with potentially more catastrophic results. Each individual person YOU need to know about these matters so we can take appropriate action to spread the word and change what has been developing and going on for over a century. We need to get back to demanding a return to original Constitutional and individual state rights, being very sure to elect members who have this focus. The achievement of this aim requires the involvement of the current adult generations and the upcoming generations such as the characters in this novel.

The author has diligently attempted to accurately summarize and capture the truths in material from hundreds of articles from the cited sources and others and from God's Holy Word.

--O.Y. ven Ghaydle

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