AMARIS: The Moon Child

Amaris, the Moon Child is a sequel to the author's first book, Happenstance. This Christmas tale begins with the solitary life of Amaris, the twin brother of St. Nickā€”aka, Santa Claus. Amaris lives with his mean stepmother, the witch, on top of Mount Hermon by the Sea of Galilee.

When Amaris was twelve years old, he grew feathers. This rather odd condition allows him to fly! Since he needs to molt to grow new feathers, he must live in a very cold climate. Mount Hermon's chilly mountain air is the perfect environment and allows Amaris a place to fly in isolation from the rest of the world. Amaris fears humans as the witch convinced him all human contact is dangerous, and if he were caught, he would be eaten!

After the witch's death, Amaris discovers a handwritten note scribbled by the witch explaining how, through trickery, she stole him at birth from his natural parents and that he actually has a twin brother!

Alone, abandoned, and isolated, Amaris decides to take a chance and seek his brother, hoping a reunion will bring a sense of belonging.

This story takes the reader on a wild journey through the perilous desert, where Amaris encounters desert creatures and a little girl named Ruth. Ruth teaches Amaris not all humans are harmful and even gives him a clue on his twin brother's whereabouts.

The story is about redemption. The reader will learn through Amari's trials that although our past does affect us, it does not have to define us. We can rise above our current circumstances and find fulfillment and a place of belonging. Amaris teaches us a brighter tomorrow awaits us if we will let go of our inner fears. We just have to believe.

--Arlene Belmont

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