All It Takes

All It Takes is a novelette that will have you stepping back and evaluating your own life, having you question, “Are you on the “right” path, the path God has for you?”

This mini novel helps you look at your life in a new light and see others from a different angle. Giving you a positive outlook, it will help guide you to see people as people and situations in a more positive way as well as help you see a happiness you never knew was missing from your life. This book will open your eyes to the things you might miss and help guide you through some of God's lessons within your own life. It will pave the way to your understanding of God's choices he has for you, help you to see why you have been dished a bad hand, and why it seems others get so much that you may feel you deserve. This book will help give you the strength to get where you want in life; it will show you with God, anything is possible.

If you have questions for God, about God, or even about life itself, pick this book up and be prepared to find those answers and/or, at the very least, find reprieve from the questions that plague you daily.

--Melissa Johnson

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