Affirming My Faith

Affirming My Faith can be described as one of the resolute biblical teachings concerning the basic tenants of bible-based Christianity. The book is systematically designed to assist each reader in not only obtaining a full understanding of the foundational new testament doctrine as it pertains to the arguments which reveal exactly why Jesus is both Lord and savior, but also lends the base platform revelation of what it means to be in true discipleship with him.

Affirming My Faith is not an attempt to discourage anyone from claiming their belief that they are indeed a Christian, but to strengthen their resolve by revealing to some and enlightening others of just how important it is for all of us to continually remind ourselves that our faith must be based definitively in the written word and not in the beliefs and/or philosophies of society or others. This test alone will be the trying point of the Christian believer's faith and commitment.

--Anthony Donaldson

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