ABCs of Success for the Teen Soul - Volume 1: Anecdotes and Affirmations of Values and Identity for Positive Emotional Health ABCs OF SUCCESS FOR THE TEEN SOUL

In every nation of the world, both developed and developing, adolescence is a unique, intriguing, and special developmental stage. Adolescents face challenges and issues such as the strong desire to be independent from the apron-strings of parents or caregivers, self-esteem, academic competencies, relationships, physiological changes in their bodies, and futuristic uncertainties.

Parental lack and poverty in both hemispheres affect the navigational trajectory of this period. They often feel misunderstood, not listened to, and therefore may become resistive in their behaviors, act out, or become rebellious. Some adolescents experience a lot of turbulence and others don't. If only their brains were fully developed and not still maturing. If only they had the skills they required for the challenges they face.

This book is designed to help these lovely lads think and meditate on topics that hopefully will make their experience of this second separation individuation phase of life more enriching and less chaotic.

--Dr. Okey Nwangburuka

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