ABC's of Alzheimers Disease: A Shared Reality by Me and My Shadow

ABCs of Alzheimer's Disease: a Shared Reality by Me and My Shadow is a story of Bruce and Ethel's Alzheimer's disease (AD) journey, along with a history of AD from autopsies to PET scan research, including technology and genetic discoveries. The book is a realistic, short, comprehensive, evidence-based, description of Alzheimer's disease (AD). It describes AD research, including clinical trials, a simplified understanding of the brain, and the experiences of patient/caregiver persistence and journey as well as hope for the future research possibilities through worldwide basic science, biology, genetic, mathematics, and technology evolution and discoveries. In addition, it identifies AD issues, uncertainties, and author's comments, along with “outside the box” ideas for governance to provide leadership for the coming Alzheimer's disease tsunami.

With the future facing an AD tsunami and potential shortage of care personnel, the book provides potential for education and/or training for candidate patients, caregivers, primary care doctors, nurses, physician assistants, license nurse practitioners, certified nurse assistant, institutional care personnel, in-home health personnel, hospital personnel, educators, and politicians. In addition, this book could be a supplement document for geriatric schooling as well as an enlightening and educating source for political leaders (all three branches of government) and their staffs.

The book describes a stage by stage behavior symptoms tied to cognitive measures and Alzheimer Association warning signs, along with suggestions for caregiver, relative to patient's state of decline.

The book addresses why clinical trials have been failing and why hope for delay and prevention may be forthcoming as well as the 2011 paradigm shift and current presymptomatic candidacy. Clinical trials adventures, along with a suggestion to eliminate the placebo cohort group are described.

So, what does the future hold for Alzheimer's disease—hope, promises, delay, prevention, or cure? These are all wants. What is reality? Moving research targets are being addressed and pursued with evolving knowledge and tools. This evolution will probably make current targets obsolete in twenty years. For reality, you be the judge after reading this book.

“Out the box” ideas are provided that require governance action for confronting the coming AD tsunami and associated diversity care.

--Bruce Bauer

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