A Turn in the Roundabout

A Turn in the Roundabout is a story of a teenager who inherits an arrowhead with unique powers. This gift is believed to have originated when a female saved the life of an Indian medicine man. In return, he gave her his mystical arrowhead. Since then, this powerful arrowhead has been gifted to the first female in every generation at her seventeenth birthday. McKayla's seventeenth birthday was only days away.

Meanwhile, Jack Savage believed the arrowhead belonged to his family who had been hunting McKayla's family for generations. Finally, he discovered the whereabouts of the girl. He sent his daughter, Jade, to do his dirty work. Unknowingly, the two girls ended up alone in a primitive land with tribal people, struggling to find a way back home.

A Turn in the Roundabout is about each teenager and how each survive on their own in a place where the land and the people are strange.

--Kristie Spangler Noyes

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