A Treehouse In Jericho

A Treehouse in Jericho tells the story of four modern-day kids: Billy, twelve; Bobby, eleven; Bee Bee, ten; and Mick, eleven. They seek answers to questions as my kids and your kids do. It's the wonderful age of discovery. Why doesn't a giant airplane fall down to earth? How do we get milk out of a cow, a valve somewhere? What do we call a man cow? Those beautiful Monarch butterflies, stealing food from gardens, suddenly gone one day to Old Mexico and then show up again next spring. WOW!

These four attended Sunday school. They talked about what they heard. Why those big, long names? They question happenings. How do you know? They have a teacher, Mrs. Lodes, who they really like. She has answers…sometimes.

A member of our “Bunch,” Mick, the kid with the thick glasses, is an inventor. He has invented several things. Most didn't work out as expected, and he keeps us in hot water. Challenged, he invents a time machine. Away we go seeking answers to questions posed in the Bible. What did kids do for entertainment in Jericho in 31AD when Rome ruled the world? What about the story of that guy with a slingshot? We see games played in a stadium that would rival our biggest present-day arenas. Huge trade caravans depending on camel power visit Jericho while we are there. We get some answers and seek more. We had mutton stew with hot bread dipped in olive oil when we visited one trade fair. Pretty good.

Come along and we'll show you around. Mick might let you drive some.

A fun read, no big words, and maybe some answers to those questions your kids ask.

--Bill Peel

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