A Town Called Christmas

Shiloh, the horse Marly had claimed as her own from the moment they had arrived, was surrounded by a pack of wolves. They were snipping and biting at her legs.

“James, what should we do?”

“I saw a gun in the barn. You get up on the fence. Now!”


“No buts, Catheigh. Get up on the fence. Now!”

Catheigh climbed up on the fence as three members of the pack separated themselves and headed toward her. She was on the top rail, but at that moment, she wasn't sure she was high enough. She looked into their eyes as they approached her, and she was sure that this was her last moment on earth.

“Oh Lord!” were the only words that came out of Catheigh's mouth. She didn't have time for anything else.

--La Johna Newbould

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