A Spirituality of Awareness

 e Spirituality of Awareness is an attempt to respond to the burning

desire in the human soul in search for meaning and purpose. Spirituality

means waking up from our slumber to become aware of and understanding

our human need so we can develop our confi dence and boldness.  e

footwashing pericope is the canvas on which this spirituality of awareness

is painted to help us realize that our entire search is climaxed in the

kingdom of God and having the right understanding of this kingdom

become all so vital.  is book is written partly as a thematic study on the

footwashing and partly as a spiritual guide for personal development. It is

not intended to be another religious volume but fundamental response to

the basic human quest; meaning for life, purpose for life and a search for

a better government, a better life and not a better religion which can be

a fa├žade.  e author weaves in and out of dialogue with the Omniscient

Narrator in the gospel of John.  roughout the author sets an example of

spiritual formation for all who read the book.  is is the paradigm shift

that challenges our spiritual perceptions to old familiar realities to grow

into and become more aware in our human encounter that invites us into

a culture of humility.

Finally, the book prepares the reader for a relational experience in the

horizontal dimension and vertical dimension in a practical way that will

eventually launch the next volume which is the workbook for communal

conversation in workshops, in prayer meetings or bible study or home

gathering settings.  is book is loaded with the singular goal to disabuse

the notion that religion is either a source of stability and a vehicle of

change or an enduring institution of strength, guidance and cohesiveness.

 e book explores the culture of the kingdom of God which informs the

people's perceptions in the human population because their heritage has

always been known to be a community-oriented culture in search of a

common purpose.

--Omomaro Okekaro

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