A Soul Walkin' Home: Stories of Those Living on the Fringes...and What They Can Teach Us

We're all souls walking home. Pilgrims on a journey. There is much wisdom on the road if we only cast aside our fear and judgement of those walking beside us. Listen to their stories. For despite toothless smiles, they are Christ—walking with us, rejoicing in our stories.

Join us on the road and you'll meet, among many:

• Miguel, a young inmate tormented by horrific flashbacks of his father shooting his mother.

• Bearded Lady, a self-proclaimed shepherdess who welcomed the one who didn't belong into her flock at the storefront homeless mission.

• Jean Lunet, an aged blind Haitian, whose eyes are opened to God's purpose.

• Gert, sexually abused who slams her way to forgiving her offender.

• Charles, alone in a Georgia back roads church, has his life turned upside down when a dying, labor-trafficked man collapses at his feet.

Come journey with us. For along the way, you'll discover yourself anew.

--Philip Beyer

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