A Quote of Evidence

This book of quotes is written to encourage others. It is from the mind, soul, and within.

Kelvin O. Parker started writing this book about twelve years ago while writing quotes for his students to encourage them.

One class session, a student enjoyed it so much, he came to his desk and said, “Mr. Parker, you ought to write a book of quotes.” So, he took out a piece of paper and started writing.

His quotes each day were written from the student's personal experiences for that day and their lifetime.

The author would ask his students what things they would like to express for the day, and they would give him a topic of the quote for the day.

Thinking is a part of the natural human process. Every human has a left brain and a right brain from which the thinking process begins. Quotes come from this process.

This book of quotes is sort of different from other book of quotes. The quotes come real-life experiences of the moment and the book describes why it was written.

This book discusses several topics: Thoughts make or break, a boost of the person with thoughts, the effort of thoughts being positive, succeeding through thoughts, learning how your actions of thoughts may destroy your future, maintaining in life, evidence of change saving you, acceptance in life moving to success, forgiveness healing, potential making it work, self-worth making you or breaking you, and discouragement turned into a solution.

Kelvin truly hopes that you are encouraged and inspired by reading his book, and you'll venture out today to encourage others.

--Kelvin O. Parker

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