A New Look at Rabbi Jesus: Jews and Christians Finally Reconnected

The primary goal of this book is to solve a two-thousand-year-old puzzle: if Jesus lived a totally Jewish life and became the founder of Christianity, why aren't Jews and Christians in a respectful, appreciative, and embracing relationship? This work begins to reduce two thousand years of misunderstanding, stereotyping, and prejudices that have existed between these two faiths. In its place are historical facts about the childhood, religious education, and communities that nourished and influenced Jesus. This work also encourages new approaches to biblical interpretations and thought. The ultimate aim of the author is to have Jews and Christians realize that they are strongly connected by mutual faith, beliefs, and traditions. Dr. Slomovitz has summarized this linkage with the phrase, “Loving Jesus means loving Jews.”

--Rabbi Albert (Abraham) I. Slomovitz, Ph.D.

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