A Mother's Journey Through Autism, Redemption and Freedom

A Mother's Journey through Autism, Redemption and Freedom is a true story of a mother's struggle raising a child with Autism, her faith and ultimately her Salvation. She was in no way prepared for her child to lose his voice and change in so many ways that she would barely be able to recognize him as her own. If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you may find hope, inspiration and understanding of your own personal journey.

Juliana is overwhelmed and brought to her knees by the four children the Lord has blessed her with. One child with Autism continues to test her to the very core of her being. She cries out to the Lord for help and he sends help through one of her prior therapy patients' whom is terminally ill. The patient leads her on a spiritual journey to faith and trust in the Lord before his final breath.

Her life begins to have meaning, she is alive for what feels like the first time! God is unveiling gifts from within her son with Autism that she never let herself believe were quite possible. God begins to show her strength and a love like she's never known on this extraordinary journey.

--Juliana Clark

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