A Life Worthwhile: No Life is Ordinary

The slant-roofed chicken coop only had three sides, but it would work until her father was home long enough to build a real house. Even though it had a dirt floor, it was definitely an upgrade from sleeping in the car. A Life Worthwhile––No Life is Ordinary is a true story that chronicles the life of a young, East Texas girl as she cares for a sick and dying mother. Homelessness was fairly common during the Great Depression, but assuming the responsibilities as head of the household at age nine was not. The life of Joy Jenkins, an ordinary farm girl, was extraordinary.

Joy met the love of her life in the third grade when a little redheaded, freckle-faced boy smiled at her. Their lives were so intertwined that her story includes his. After his death, Joy's solitary existence was altered by a dementia diagnosis. The book includes details of her children's journey as they struggled through the devastation of each stage of this disease and made decisions on her behalf. It is a must read for families who have loved ones facing Alzheimer's, dementia, or any other debilitating mental disease. It will make you smile, laugh, and cry.

--Brenda Blessing Ratliff

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